Wesleyan Univeristy - QAC

About the presenter

Rob Kabacoff is a professor of quantitative analytics at Wesleyan University. He is a data scientist with more than 30 years of experience in statistical methods, data visualization, predictive analytics, and psychometrics. A widely recognized expert in statistical programming, he is the author of R in Action: Data analysis and graphics with R (3nd ed.) , and maintains a popular website called Quick-R. Additionally, his book Modern Data Visualization with R is due out this summer (CRC Press).

Before joining the Wesleyan faculty, Rob was Vice President of Research for MRG, a global organizational development firm. As chief data scientist, he provided research and consultation to academic, government, corporate, and humanitarian institutions in North America, Western Europe, Africa, and Asia.

His professional interests are in statistical programming, data visualization, and machine learning. His nonprofessional interests include travel, family, and his golden retriever Annie (not necessarily in that order).